There’s a new trend in housing that keeps our parents independent and active as they age: “mother-in-law” or “in-law” suites. If this is something you’ve been considering, Country Club Builders & Remodelers will help you realize your vision with our unique design and construction capabilities. Our team is led by professionals with decades of experience in custom home building, additions, and renovations.

One of the first important steps in planning is to visit your local city zoning department to help determine what type of in-law suite is permitted. A separate detached house or adding an additional full bath or kitchen may not be allowed by city regulations.

In-law suites typically are attached to the home and at the minimum include a bedroom and bathroom. Mobility concerns, such as easy entrance showers and wider doors should be considered and tailor-made to accommodate any future physical limitations. 

It’s important to build an area that your parents feel like is their own but where you are also close enough to help if needed. The rotating gallery above is the most recent In-law suite designed and built by Country Club Builders & Remodelers that includes a separate kitchen, bath and private entrance. 

Whether you decide on finishing a basement or add a complete home addition, we’ll create the perfect in-law suite for your home. Call us today at 330.608.3131 or fill out our online form to request a callback. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!